No Manners at the Drive-Thru

I am a thrifty Midwesterner who shouldn’t and doesn’t really drink caffeine.  Honestly, my friends would tell you that the world couldn’t handle me on caffeine… I am VERY energetic :)

Manners Situation:

Recently I was at the coffee shop with the Green Sign (can I even say the name?)  I have been buried with computer work and needed some fresh air.  I had seen an advertisement for a “salted caramel mocha drink” YUMMY!  I decided to indulge.  Arriving at the drive up window, I realized I had driven past the “order” kiosk and ended up directly at the window.  A car was behind me so I couldn’t back up.  There was a young teller who greeted me, and I began with, “I am so sorry… I didn’t mean to pass the order kiosk… May I please order here?”  She giggled and started to say “yes” and a more mature teller spoke over her giggle and said, “No, there is someone behind you.”  I felt terrible.  My one indulgence and I was going to have to turn around against traffic, on a road under construction, and go into the store.  I did.  The mature teller avoided me and didn’t even try to converse or apologize.

So I ask you- is this a situation where good manners may have helped?  Who had bad manners? Admittedly, I was wrong.  I mistakenly passed the order kiosk.   I began my conversation with “I’m sorry” and was sincere and apologetic- but my good manners were not reciprocated.  What would you have done?